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Room parents

Room parents play an integral part in the communication between teachers and parents throughout the school year.

Room Parent Responsibilities (as needed):

  • Act as a liaison between the classroom parents and the teacher

  • Compile a classroom directory (ask teacher for a list of parent emails)

  • Assist teacher with organizing class activities and parties throughout the year (send out a Google doc for parents to sign up for a specific food or activity, etc.)

  • Assist with monthly Teacher Appreciation activities, as needed (PFO Coordinator will reach out when assistance may be needed)

  • Assist with Teacher Appreciation Week activities (contact parents about different planned/themed days throughout the week, decorate the teacher’s door (instructions will be provided) and coordinate with classroom parents to put something special together for the teacher)


Room parents do not have to put in too many hours, but of course the more the better! Without your help, much of the fun, extracurricular activities that our kids enjoy so much, would not take place. To lighten the load, multiple Room Parents can be assigned to a classroom so that activities can be divided amongst several parents.

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