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Board position descriptions

Here is a list of our board positions, typical tasks, and expected time commitments.

Officer positions

2 year terms

Expected time commitment: 6 - 10 hours per month


  • Preside over all meetings including both General Member and Executive Board Meetings.

  • Supervise the affairs of the PFO, and appoint committees when needed.

  • Oversee all books, reports, and certificates are properly kept and filed.

  • Bring all contracts to the PFO Board for approval.

  • Bring all newsletter, fliers, and notices from the PFO to the Principal for approval prior to distribution.

  • Designated check-signer

Executive Vice President

  • Serve as Primary aide to the President.

  • Become Acting President if the current President is absent by taking on necessary President roles.

  • Designated check-signer


  • Receive and supervise the funds and investments of the PFO and make them available when needed.

  • Prepare and distribute budget reports at appropriate meetings.

  • Deposit all money, pay all bills, and obtain needed signatures for checks.

  • Designated check-signer


  • Keep minutes and record of the PFO and prepare/manage the list of unfinished business.

  • Be official custodian of records for the PFO.

  • Bring all contracts to the PFO Board for approval.

Board Member

Expected time commitment: 2 - 4 hours per month

  • Attend monthly Board Meetings to help set PFO policy and coordinate PFO’s activities

  • Assist at PFO Events

Additional Board Positions

Expected time commitment: 2 - 4 hours beyond board commitment

Director of Sponsorship

  • Recruit and maintain contact with all sponsors of the PFO and ensure all sponsors receive the appropriate benefits of their sponsorship.

  • Design sponsorship banners, order, and hang them for display at school.

  • Ensure all sponsors have space during school events when applicable.

Director of Communications

  • Maintain PFO Website, Communication Tool, and Facebook page by posting events, information, fliers, photos, etc.

  • Assist in creation and virtual distribution of fliers, forms, newsletters, etc.

Director of Membership

  • Update and track all members and ensure all benefits are received.

  • Create and disseminate PFO Member Newsletter, events, and notices to all PFO Members.

  • Assist in recruiting PFO Members, Board Members, and volunteers.

Classroom Parent Coordinator

  • Communicates, organizes, and solicits room parent volunteers for classrooms as well as PFO events when applicable.

  • Conducts monthly meetings with room parents.

  • Collaborates with the school secretary to ensure copies of PFO fliers are made and distributed.

Dinner Night Out Coordinator (Vacant) 

  • Book Dinner Night Out with local businesses, and coordinate food trucks for school events.

  • Update PFO Calendar with dates and times of DNO events.

Art Docent Coordinator

  • Create, organize, and conduct art events for the school year.

  • Recruit other art teachers, businesses, and/or docents to help with events and supplies.

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator

  • Coordinate monthly teacher appreciation events/gifts and plan Teacher Appreciation Week events in conjunction with the Classroom Parent Coordinator. 

  • Work with Teacher Liaison and Classroom Parent Coordinator to identify ways PFO can help teachers. 

Safe Routes Coordinator

  • Work with school to plan events promoting safe transportation to school, and plan use of Safe Routes grant.

  • Coordinate ActiveMe in collaboration with the school Principal.

Events Coordinator

  • Plan and coordinate approved PFO events and maintain a calendar of the events for the PFO and office.

  • Conduct event planning meetings, and act as lead of events.

  • Coordinate and delegate activities for volunteers.

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