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1-2-3-4 We declare a penny war!

Put your spare change toward a great cause. All proceeds from our penny war fundraiser will go toward bringing in more assemblies to our school!

How it works

  • Pennies are NEGATIVE for other grades. Put pennies in other grades to take points away from them!

  • Each silver coin is worth the point total of that coin. Example: A quarter is 25 points.

  • You can bring in dollar bills, too!

  • Time period: November 14 to December 2nd.

The grade level with the most points will win a Cookies and Cocoa party!

Location of containers:

  • 1st - 6th grade: In the cafeteria during lunch. Sometimes out front during drop off (hand to kids to put into the bins)

  • TK and Kinder: Each class will have containers for their coins

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