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Teachers and Staff: An All-Star Thank You!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week: April 29 - May 3


They are the TOUCHDOWN, the GRAND SLAM, the HOLE IN ONE and the SLAM DUNK!

They are our MVP's so help us thank them for being an All-Star Teacher and Staff Member at RJME!

Schedule of Events

Monday 4/29: MVP Day (Most Valuable Person)

Let your teacher(s) know why they are your MVP. Make your own card!

Tuesday 4/30: Flowers

We are blooming with pride for our teachers and staff! Bring in a flower(s) for your teacher can be real or homemade).

Wednesday 5/1: ESPN Day (Extra Special People Notification). Today we celebrate our special area teachers and staff. Each grade level will be assigned a special group to shower with love and appreciation.

  • K/TK: Library/Computer

  • 1st grade: PE

  • 2nd grade: Office Staff

  • 3rd grade: ParaEducators

  • 4th grade: Custodians

  • 5th grade: Nurse

  • 6th grade: Speech

Thursday 5/2: Special gift

2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate? Let's score big and bring your teacher a special gift (ie: gift card to favorite restaurant, store, etc)

Friday, 5/3: Supplies

Last Quarter of the game! The school year is almost over and time to restock supplies. Bring in a much needed school supply for your teacher.

These are only suggestions...please feel free to show your appreciation in any way you


This event is sponsored by RJME PFO.

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